Kiwifarm founding principles

1. Kiwifarm is an economic organisation uniting talented people, in cooperative form, with the aim of turning their potential into value for the organisation and the community.

2. With its activities, Kiwifarm builds useful things, creating value for its customers, its members, and the community. Kiwifarm has the objective, as a result of its work, to make the world a little better and its customers really satisfied. Kiwifarm operates so that its members may enjoy the gratification of building beautiful and well done things.

3. Kiwifarm believes in the great economic value enclosed in creativity, individual expression and personal growth. The organisation requires its members to commit to express themselves and their talents, and to work to facilitate the expression of other people's. Kiwifarm promotes creativity, expression and growth of its members, in the uniqueness of each individual, by establishing spaces, devoting activities and removing any obstacles, in order to generate economic benefit for the organisation and realisation of the individuals.

4. Kiwifarm believes in the synergy and gratification of working together and promotes a work organisation that encourages collaboration.

5. Kiwifarm believes that differences enrich the working team and that they can improve its efficiency. The organisation promotes a professional and personal growth that recognises and values differences in attitudes, interests, aspirations, and skills of each member in harmony with those of the others.

6. Kiwifarm believes that physical and spiritual wellbeing foster creativity and productivity. Therefore it cares for the mental and physical health and personal life of its members, and takes that into account in its strategic and organisational decisions. The organisation operates to promote a healthy balance between work and leisure, and to ensure a reasonable economic security to its members.

7. Kiwifarm admits that individual members bring value to the organisation to different extents, and that such differences should be properly recognised. At the same time, Kiwifarm members benefit from and commit to pay mutual aid. Kiwifarm adjusts its economic management and remunerates its members accordingly.

8. The remuneration of all members of Kiwifarm is directly tied to the economic success of the organisation. However, following the functioning principles of living organisms, Kiwifarm sets aside a profit share to support the members income during low profitability times, to finance new economic initiatives, and to provide its members with services and benefits, according to the principles of the Manifesto.

9. Kiwifarm believes that Italy and Italians have a great potential to be expressed and shall try, with its activities, to help developing it and to improve their social, economic and cultural conditions.

10. The members of Kiwifarm, by choosing to be part of it, endorse the spirit of the Manifesto and aspire and strive to operate in accordance with it.

11. Kiwifarm organisational operations and economic management are inspired by the principles of the Manifesto and are regularly reviewed and adjusted to comply with them.

12. The Statutory Council is the organ appointed to ensure the application of the Manifesto. The Council has the responsibility to verify and ensure that organisational, operations, and economic management comply with the Manifesto. The Council has the power to amend the management whenever deemed necessary. The Council consists of the founding members plus other members, elected by the councillors themselves, who have proven over time to fully embrace the spirit of the Manifesto.